Fernando Torres happily moved to San Siro

Fernando Torres has made it clear that nobody forced him to go to San Siro. He made that call himself.

There have been talks that Jose Mourinho, the manager of Torres’ parent club Chelsea, forcefully placed the Spanish striker on loan to Milan.

As per Torres, Mourinho has never treated him rudely. His relationship with the Portuguese manager is quite fine.
Talking to the reporters yesterday, “Jose’s behaviour towards me has been good. I don’t have any complains. As far as me moving to Milan is concerned, it was my own decision. I wasn’t forced.”

“I get along with Jose quite well. Even now that I am in Italy, I call him occasionally and have a chat. There are no hard feelings at all.”

When asked why he did not choose to rejoin his boyhood club Atletico Madrid, the 30-year old said, “They were not really interested. There were a lot of speculations on their part which I did not particularly appreciate. I love that team though. I watch their games at the end of every week, but, you know you have got to be realistic and see where you are wanted.”

When asked if he thinks if he is ever going to feature for La Roja again, Torres said, “Yes, of course. I know some people out there believe that it’s the end of the road for me at the international level, but, I don’t think so. As long as I have not retired, I must believe that I can get the opportunity.”

Whether Torres plays any more games for Spain or not, he is already a legend for his country having been capped more than 100 times since his debut in 2003. He has scored 38 goals for La Roja thus far.