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Myung-Bo Disappointed In National Team

The manager of South Korea national football team, Hong Myung-bo, is not happy with the performance of his back line in the game against Algeria.

South Korea lost that game by a profound margin of 2-4 and they are now finding themselves very close to getting eliminated from the tournament. They have one more group game left i.e. against Belgium and even if they win that match; there is no guarantee of them advancing to the knockouts.

In the game against Algeria, South Korea’s start was bizarre. Their defence was totally wayward and as a result, within the first 40 minutes, they were down by 0-3. They pulled things back a little bit with a couple of goals in the second half, but, they could only reduce the margin of defeat with those goals.

Talking to the reporters in the post match press conference, Myung-bo said, “The numbers don’t lie. The outcome of the match itself suggests how many errors we committed today.”

“We made a few changes in the second half, but, so much damage had been done earlier that making a comeback was extremely hard. Our back line was disorganized in the initial parts of the game and they took advantage of that.”

When asked if his team took Algeria lightly, the South Korea boss said, “No, I don’t think so. We had the idea that they were a balanced unit and we would have to play very well to beat them. Anyways, the game is done and dusted now and the only thing that we can do from here is to have a good preparation for the last game and try and win it.”

The game between South Korea and Belgium will be played on Friday at Arena de Sao Paulo.