South Korea reveal squad details for the World Cup qualifiers

National football teams are preparing themselves for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers which are right on the horizon as they will be kicking off on September and every single national side wants to be at their best in order to snatch positive results and book their qualification ticket for the 2018 edition of the worldwide football competition.

South Korea was pitted in group A where they will have to compete against: Iran, Uzbekistan, China PR, Qatar and Syria. The national sides that manage to secure the top spot and the 2nd place will be advancing through the next rounds and this is what all of the nations are aiming to seal.

Ki-Sung Yeung was unlucky

Ki-Sung Yeung was unlucky that just when he had struck form the previous season, he had to go back to his nation for his duty in the army.

He could have had another outing in the middle if the call hadn’t come and one more match winning contribution could have only helped him enhance his image in the eyes of the coach.

Shin Tae-Young would keep his players away from internet

Shin Tae-Young would keep his players away from internet during the upcoming Olympics.

The idea is to prevent the players from getting social and ensure they are unknown of how the fans are rating their performances.

Another reason is that Young doesn’t want anything controversial to be written by the players either which gives people a chance to create stories.

South Korea beats Nigeria 1-0 in the Suwon tournament

In a tournament that will serve as a preparation for the Olympic football tournament, South Korea has beaten Nigeria 1-0.

The other two teams participating in the tournament are Danemark and Honduras. All the four teams are qualified for the Olympics football tournament.

The match started well for South Korea with their first shot on target coming only after 50 seconds. However, Lee Chang-min’s strike was off target, but the host country continued to keep control of the game.

Uli Stielike gives more Importance to practicality

The Korean players, who play their Football in the top tiers in European countries, you would normally believe that they are straight in the national squad just because of the reputation of the clubs they are part of.

But, in the reign of Uli Stielike, from what he has hinted, it seems the practicality will be given more importance than reputation.

South Korea set a new clean sheet record

South Korea has set a new record when it comes to clean sheet when they beat Thailand 1-0 in a friendly match. This is now the eight matches in a row that South Korea has not conceded a goal and would want to continue it in their next game.

The previous record which stands at seven matches in a row was achieved twice in 1978 and 1989.

Uli Stielik claims that he is not looking beyond the upcoming World Cup qualifiers

South Korea manager Uli Stielike claims that he is not looking beyond the upcoming World Cup qualifiers.

The South Korean FA is reportedly looking to schedule some high profile friendlies in June. Even though the European Championship 2016 will be underway, South Korea have a number of opponents that they would like to play.

Uli Stielike’s stint in charge of South Korea has been outstanding

It’s been around 1 year and 4 months since Uli Stielike was appointed as the head coach of the South Korean national football team and so far it has been a very impressive period of time for the German coach as he has collected a string of victories and only suffered a few amount of defeats.

2015 has undoubtedly been a memorable year for the South Korean national football team after securing 16 games from their total 20 which were played.

Uli Stielike believes his boys played up to his expectations in 2015

Uli Stielike believes his boys played up to his expectations in 2015.

Stielike was given the charge of South Korea post the previous World Cup which was hugely disappointing for the team.

The Reds had suffered two defeats in the initial phase of the tournament itself and had got eliminated.

Hong Myung-Bo, the then manager had to bear the consequences as he had been handed the axe straightaway and Stielike was slotted in.