South Korea managed to booked their place in the next round of the World Cup qualifiers after securing a 2-0 win over Kuwait recently.

Saudi Arabia – who are currently managed by former Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard, though, were not as lucky as South Korea, as they failed to progress into the next round. South Korea have become one of the major sides in the world right now.


South Korea's K-League will be undergoing massive changes over the next few months in order to strengthen the quality of the league, which has been facing an alarming drop over the last few years.

South Korea's K-League once used to be the strongest league in Asia, but it was recently overtaken by the Japanese J-League. One of the reasons attributed towards this drop-in strength has been the lack of promotion and relegation within the division. As a result, it has not only lowered the quality of the players, but has also introduced match fixing within the players and referees as well.

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