Shin Tae-Yong Promises Victory against Uzbekistan to Reach the World Cup

South Korea coach Shin Tae-Yong has claimed that the national team will be coming in with a much better mentality for the upcoming match against Uzbekistan.

A victory in this game would help South Korea secured qualification to the World Cup for a ninth consecutive time. However, the team has been going through such a poor form that it would be difficult to expect a victory from this game. South Korea have had just one win in the last five games this match, and they have not managed an away win in a competitive match since November 2015. Back then, the national team managed to comfortably beat Laos.

There is little doubt that South Korea will be coming up against a strong opponent in the form of Uzbekistan who will not be ready to give up on the home soil. South Korea have been going through a poor run of results lately. As a result, the national team find themselves well away from the top spot of the group.

The first two places of the Asian qualification that of stages will be able to make it to the World Cup. South Korea are trailing Iran by a whopping seven points coming into this game, but the major threat for South Korea comes in the form of Syria. Syria have been able to close the gap over South Korea to just two points.

"We'll return home with victory no matter what. We're in a difficult situation, but we'll beef up our mental strength and will win.It is not that we didn't want to score.The players worked hard ... and while I know it is not an excuse the pitch was not in a good condition. All the coaching staff and players will do all they can to ensure we can the goals to win," said the South Korea coach.