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Shin Tae-Young would keep his players away from internet

Shin Tae-Young would keep his players away from internet during the upcoming Olympics.

The idea is to prevent the players from getting social and ensure they are unknown of how the fans are rating their performances.

Another reason is that Young doesn’t want anything controversial to be written by the players either which gives people a chance to create stories.

The side for the Olympics happens to have junior players mostly as only a few of the slots are allowed for the players who are more than 23-year old and for junior players to let go of the criticism is tough. They are not matured enough. So, Young’s decision doesn’t look to be illogical.

While there would be no ban on the mobile phones and the players can keep their phones with themselves, they would be strictly told that there must be no usage of the social sites at all.

According to Young, he would like to see the jokes to be cracked in the camp in the leisure time and would crack a couple of jokes himself so that everyone remains jolly and friendly with one another and there is no mental burden on the team before the matches.

The players share the thoughts of the coach too. A few of them are also of the view that being online might get them in a sort of mood they would not want to be.
South Korea had managed to earn no. 3 position in the soccer competition of the previous Olympics four years back, but, they would look for nothing less than Gold in Rio.

In the first encounter, they are meeting the Mexican team which is the Gold medallist of 2012. Thereafter, they would be taking on Germany and Fiji in the two remaining group games.