South Korea wants to improve

The South Korea football federation has unveiled a plan to will help improve the level of football in the country.

Ever since their good performance at the 2002 World Cup, the national team has been struggling to replicate the same performance in international competition.

The South Korea football federation said that they would be investing more money at the grassroots level to ensure that children get a proper training at a young age itself.

A spokesperson said that there are some skills and techniques that you need to learn at a young age and it is important that proper training is given at this level. He said that the federation would be investing more resources into the development of football for the youth.

There is also more incentives that will be given to local clubs to help them invest in infrastructures. The football federation believes that you cannot get a good national team if the club themselves are not properly structured. He said that clubs would be encouraged to develop their own players and give them enough playing time.

The South Korea football federation is also working on a program that will allow local football to benefit from the input of foreign coaches. The federation wants to make sure that all the local coach are qualified and that they are well-versed in the latest techniques when it comes to .

The Federation will be holding regular coaching classes with renowned world football coaches to ensure that the South Korean coaches are updated with the latest development in world football.

The federation said that the objective would be to make a good performance in the next world cup and at least get out of the group stage.

It is believed that the new plan will come into effect during the course of this year.