Ji So-Yun of South Korea is Targeting the Knockout Stages of World Cup

South Korea are optimistic that they will qualify for the knockout games of World Cup of Women which will be held in France in the upcoming month in spite of being positioned in a tough group, Ji So-Yun, the midfielder has said. The nation from Asia is all set for its 3rd appearance at the event which is quadrennial but it has never gone past the last-16 and is now pitted against some of the teams with high ranks in hosts France & also Norway in the Group A. The hosts i.e. France is ranked 4th in the world, which is 10 places better than Korea. Although Norway is on the 12th spot they will be playing without Ada Hegerberg who was the winner of Ballon d'Or but has refused to play for Norway.

The only team which is lower than South Korea is Nigeria which is on the 38th spot. On the governing body of world soccer, Ji said to the press that “Our first motive is to reach to the 2nd round.” “I am well aware of the fact that it is going to be difficult for us, but we have the capability to reach there. And once we will reach the initial goal, we will try to get more and more.”