South Korea have been going under a tough run of form, which has raised questions about the manager Choi Kang-hee. Korea have qualified for the World Cup in the last seven consecutive occasions.

However, they are in danger of failing to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil due to a bad run of form, which has seen them go without a victory in the last four matches. Even though two of them have been friendly matches against Australia and Croatia, there has been a lot of scepticism about the quality of the team.

The recent 4-0 defeat at the hands of Croatia is the main reason for the worry amongst the Korean fans. The country are currently second in the qualification rounds. The recent 1-1 draw with Uzbekistan has meant that they were unable to lead the table.

In the last two rounds of the FIFA World Cup, South Korea have managed to qualify with games to spare. However, there is feeling amongst the Korean fans that it will not be the case this time around. The team will be playing against Qatar in March in a World Cup qualifying match, which will be key to the future of the team at the World Cup.

"It was a clear defeat. But I am not going to over-react after just one game. We will build on our experience from today's match and earlier games to try and develop more cohesion. Our upcoming opponents will play more defensive games than Croatia and we have to find our offensive combination. This is an important problem with four games left in qualification. It is something that we have to keep working on in order to get right and we will do that," said a