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Uli Stielike gives more Importance to practicality

The Korean players, who play their Football in the top tiers in European countries, you would normally believe that they are straight in the national squad just because of the reputation of the clubs they are part of.

But, in the reign of Uli Stielike, from what he has hinted, it seems the practicality will be given more importance than reputation.

Stielike has given the impression that it would not matter a lot to him which leagues the players are showcasing themselves in and what he would instead pay the attention to while selecting the squad is which player has how much of game practice.

Stielike believes regular match practice is what increases a player’s chance of being selected as only then can he be supposed to be the most sharp. Those who are not spending enough time on the pitch, the ferocity goes out of them and then even the fact that they are in England or wherever, it doesn’t make them the strongest of the contenders for the selection.

However, it’s easier said than done. Such comments have come from the other coaches too before, but, when it comes to the point where the team has to be selected, everybody shies away from dropping the stars. And, especially when World Cup qualification is on the line, it would be very, very brave on the part of Stielike to do that.

Yes, Stielike’s perspective is correct regarding game practice, but, then you have to see the order of the skills of the players too. Somebody, who is a match winner, and is a class above some of your other players, to ignore him, as a coach, is very difficult.

Ki, for example, skipper of the side and easily one of the best players too, how can he be dropped even if he is not a Swansea regular right now?