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Former Manchester United star Ji Sung Park is back and playing in England.

The 35-year old South Korean star earned over a 100 caps for his country and retired two years ago. However, it seems he could not stay off the game as he was pictured playing in England.

In March 2010, Ji Sung Park scored the match winner in the Red Devils clash with Liverpool. Park is actually playing for De Montfort University Sport Management team in a bid to get his postgraduate degree. He played over 200 times for United under Coach Alex Ferguson during his seven-year stay at the club. As part of requirements for his degree, he had to play the game alongside his course mates in a Management, Law and Humanities of Sport MA XI against a Vice Chancellor team.

Park has extensive football experience playing at the highest level for United. He won the UEFA Champions League and Premier League during his time at United. He stood out during the game against the side made up of University staff in Leicester City. He is set to move on to SDA Bocconi in Milan as part of study plans, and then a concluding part of the course will be at University of Neuchatel in Switzerland.

“One of my colleagues said it had been a great experience and though many players go into coaching and management, I wanted to improve my knowledge of football around the pitch and then perhaps work in the South Korean football league,” Park said of his studying at the University. Since his retirement, he has been active as a global ambassador for Manchester United, attending functions and various events to promote the club. The player is still highly revered in his home country.