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Ki-Sung Yeung was unlucky

Ki-Sung Yeung was unlucky that just when he had struck form the previous season, he had to go back to his nation for his duty in the army.

He could have had another outing in the middle if the call hadn’t come and one more match winning contribution could have only helped him enhance his image in the eyes of the coach.

However, he, in any condition, had to follow the rule which makes army service a compulsion for all the men living in South Korea. The moment a man passes the age of eighteen, he has to give a certain amount of time to army every year until he gets past 30. The disobeying of the rule is bound to lead to punishment. There is just no escape from it, not even for the superstar players of the country without any regard to their profile.

There is one way of getting that service period decreased a bit and that is to go to the Olympics and bring a medal home which is of course something Yeung has already done 4 years back and that is why, his stint in the army this year was a month long only and he has now been released from the duty.

Yeung, however, is not going to head straight back to England. He would be on holidays now as the club has permitted him to join the squad late. It would be interesting if his last performance is kept in mind by Garry Monk and he puts him into the XI in the new season or the playmaker will have to be a bencher again.

Yeung’s Swansea stats are so far only average, but, that’s maybe because he has not always played in a goal scoring role.