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South Korea entered in Semi Finals of Asian Cup

South Korea has entered the semi-finals of the Asian Cup thanks to two goals which was scored by the 22 year old attacker Son Heung-Min after the team of UliStielike defeated Uzbekistan in the quarter-finals match which was played at the AAMI Park in Australia.

Uzbekistan almost managed to score an early goal after OdilAhmedov delivered a cross over to his teammate LutfullaTuraev who just wasn’t able to connect with the ball as he failed to reach the ball.

As the minutes ticked down it was South Korea, the team that started to put their pressure and influence in the pitch as their dominance began to grow. The goal-keeper of Uzbekistan IgnatiyNesterov had to be at the tip of his toes to deny Lee Keun-ho and Nam Tae-heefrom scoring in the 25th minute.

Both teams continued on creating more goal-scoring moments but neither could actually manage to seal it off and score. The game eventually had to be extended beyond the 90 minutes mark as the scoreboard remained goal-less and a winner had to be decided, which is why the match was prolonged.

When extra time was added, South Korea broke the deadlock at the 104th minute when Son Heung-Min found the back of the net through a header which went right through the hands of the goal-keeper Nesterov.

The match was over when Son Heung-Min netted his 2nd and last goal of the match a few minutes later which was more than enough for South Korea to claim the win and earn their ticket to the semi-finals of the Asian Cup.

This was a special game for Sen Heung-Min as he scored both goals which propelled his nation to the next stages of the tournament and this is even more significant when you take into consideration that the 22 year old player was unable to play in the previous 2 matches for South Korea due to an illness he recently recovered from.