South Korea vs. Mexico Friendly Faceoff in November

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the sports world was going through a pause. All the national and international level tournaments were either postponed or abandoned. Football didn’t experience something different as it is also a body contact game. But after almost 6 months, everything is getting normalized with the “New Normal”; many of the sporting events have started again. As a part of this, South Korea is all set to play a friendly match with Mexico City. Before the Mexican football team gets to face harder opponents in the 2021 Gold Cup and then in the CONCACAF World Cup which is going to be held in Australia.

<center><img src="" width="500" /></center>The tournament is about to start on November 14 but the venues are yet not decided.
The record in the head to head games is actually weighty for Mexico. They have won 7 out of 13 matches they played against South Korea and drawn 2 matches, whereas South Korea has nothing to be upset with the stats. They are among the best teams in the Asia continent and the record against a regular football playing nation is not that bad for a less focused team. South Korea is a team that has the capacity to upset any team on their day.
<a href=" have played in the FIFA world cups 10 times which is the highest by any of the Asian teams</a>. They appeared in the World Cups in 1954 for the first time. But the best performance from them came in the year 2002 when they secured the 4th place among the 32 best teams of the world. They hosted that world cup jointly with Japan. <a href=";o=0wywy2l&amp;t=k2Dr">They are the highest time champions in the AFC Asian Cup and have won it 5 times</a>. They also reached the finals for 7 times in the Asian games.

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